Oct 022016

We have come a long way already and the RA would like to express their thanks and gratitude to everyone who has been able to get involved in any or all of the recent activities below. RBK&C/Ask the Architects events Ask the Architects May 26th Cabinet (Links to: the RA 26th May Update and RBK&C Response) Residents […]

Oct 022016

You may recall that on 26th May this year, we attended the meeting of the RBK&C Cabinet Meeting where the RA Chair and Vice-Chair spoke about Silchester and our expectations about how we as residents would like to participate in the discussions around the feasibility options for the Redline Area. We did get a response at […]

Aug 122016

Your Residents’ Association exists to represent you. Following on from the three ‘campaign’ meetings in May and June we have had some very constructive and informative conversations. The main outcome of which has been to undertake to do a survey of all estate residents, of the TMO and other Housing Providers, to find out what […]

Jun 052016

Thank you to all those who were able to attend the Cabinet Meeting on Thursday 26th May. We should not underestimate the power, or influence, that we have and the number of you who were able to attend is a symbol of that. The intention of this update is to summarise the recommendations approved by the […]

May 162016
Silchester Regeneration: What does it mean for you?

A series of 3 talks by those going through regeneration elsewhere and experts. All talks are from 19.00 in our Residents’ Rooms at the bottom of Frinstead House. Talk 1: Tuesday May 17. What does Regeneration really mean? Talk 2: Tuesday June 7.  How secure is your Secure Tenancy? Talk 3: Tuesday June 21.  Will […]

Apr 272016
Regeneration decision May 26, 18.30

There will be a large group of residents going to observe this decision, and the Silchester Residents’ Association will be speaking within the meeting.  Please contact us if you want to travel with or meet others there. *Just in on May 18th* The following papers are available to download  re: May 26 meeting. Cabinet 23 […]

Mar 212016
Ask the Architects Q & A

After the first Ask the Architects event there was a briefing given by Ruth Angel (RBKC head of regeneration) for Councillors.  These questions were asked by Cllr Blakeman, one of our Notting Dale Ward Councillors.  Many of the questions were given to her by estate residents, both in advance and at the Silchester Residents’ Association […]

Mar 142016
From the RBKC Property Scrutiny Committee, 6 Jan, 2016

The RBKC Property Scrutiny Committee was sent a business plan for the next five years (from 2016/17 – 2020/21) from the Council’s Director of Housing for them to comment on. Download the full Housing Revenue Account Business Plan: HRA Business Plan 2016 to 2021 6 Jan 16 Since last July, the Silchester Residents’ Association has […]

Mar 082016
Regeneration proposal (option 5) in greater detail

This image shows the “most viable” of the Silchester regeneration options (no.5) with an overlay of an Ordnance Survey map. Note the loss of Westway Trust sports facilities, the small scale of the public green space offered and the amount of land lost to roads.

Mar 072016
Proposals for Silchester from the Ask the Architects event

Looking at the information below, it would seem that Option 5 is the “most viable” so should be concentrated on. You can download the information presented at the Ask the Architects events in March 2016 here: RBKC boards final low resolution Silchester architects boards low res