Jan 142018
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Art Workshop On Silchester

As part of the provision of health and well-being services for our residents’ recovery from the enormous trauma caused by the catastrophic events of June 14th 20017, we are holding a series of art events on the estate to help create a feel-good factor for our residents.



We had one event in December which was extremely successful, engaging close to 100 residents.  Our second event was a workshop on Saturday, 13th Jan. 20018.

We will be running workshops every 2nd and 4th Saturday, until June.  Our appointed former local resident artist, Constantine Gras, will be working with the residents on a diverse range of art forms including drawing, creative writing, dance, music and ceramics.  At the end of the project, we will produce a book, documenting all the artwork and literature created by our talented residents.

The aim of the project most of all is to provide a therapeutic outlet for residents, without any stigma that is attached to “Mental Health” support.  This is a great way to engage residents and provide them with a few hours of diversion from the trauma and the troubles they have been exposed to in the last several months.

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