Estate from Dixon HouseSilchester East and West form a housing estate in Notting Dale at the edge of Notting Hill, in the north of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.  It is home to a well-established, diverse and multi-cultural community, many of whom have been here for decades.

The estate was planned by the LCC in the mid 1960’s and built by the then Greater London Council during a radical campaign to clear the slums which had grown from the 1930’s.

With the building of the Westway and Western Cross Route, many of the existing buildings were removed from the area and this created the spaces around which the estates were built.

Silchester incorporates four apartment blocks and clusters of low-rise buildings set around communal/ public gardens. Each tower has a garden at the base. One of the smaller gardens at the base of Whitstable house has recently been transformed into an allotment for residents.

Whitstable beynd Waynflete SquareWaynflete Square, at the heart of the Estate, is a square of low rise apartments, built around a well maintained landscaped garden with mature trees, flower beds and a playground.

In 1985 a new row of townhouses was added to the northern side of Waynflete Square, to the south of Dixon house tower – designed by Miller McCoy, it created Charlotte Mews.

We adore our open spaces and feel lucky to have such variety of trees, plants and wildlife, especially songbirds, on our doorstep – something which is rather rare and especially precious in the middle of a crowded and noisy area, with the motorway above, the railways across and busy main roads all around.

Since the 1979 legislation, many of our residents have exercised their right to buy and are now leaseholders of their homes which demonstrates the shining success of our community and implies growing prosperity in the estate.

From toddlers, teenagers and thirty somethings, to young families and young at heart pensioners, we have been living here happily and in perfect harmony for many years, enjoying our gardens, playgrounds, community events and the recently added, much appreciated allotment.